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NEW YORK ( -- Following Oprah Winfrey's seemingly unprompted denial of rumors surrounding her sexual orientation, another star decides to set the record straight. Former 'N Sync boy toy Lance Bass is letting the world know that, yes, he is in fact gay.
Stop talking about Lance!
Stop talking about Lance!

According to People, the reason Mr. Bass is coming out now is that the rumors "really were starting to affect my daily life. Now it feels like it's on my terms." Watercooler scours these tabloids every week, and the only speculation of any kind we've seen lately is whether a star is pregnant. Guess we really need to read "Page Six" more often.

Though he gave the exclusive to People, Us Weekly's report on its website linked to an AP article about People's interview rather than to People's website itself. Someone's not playing fair.

Speaking of which, if you're looking for a diversion on a Friday summer afternoon, go to Us Weekly's aforementioned website. The magazine, which apparently can't wait to see what little Apple or Lourdes will look like 20 years from now, has a new web featureto satisfy the curious. The weekly hired a "forensic imaging specialist" to blend the images of celebrity parents to create a future composite of what their offspring (Suri! Apple! Maddox! Shiloh!) will look like in 2026. We wonder how the specialist came up with those images of Maddox and Zahara Jolie-Pitt, who were adopted, but it didn't hinder Watercooler's enjoyment one little bit.

Without their own cover-story exclusives, the rest of the tabloids are continuing with their weekly weight-watch reports, and they are now worried about Ashley Simpson. The singer's recent body transformation has given the tabs plenty of bait for weeks, and they keep biting. In Touch and Life & Style take a hard look at the singer. In Touch wonders whether she is obsessed with surgery and gives a rundown on the possible reasons behind her new look. Ms. Simpson herself has neither supported nor denied surgery rumors, which can only add more fuel to the fire.

Star joins the celeb plastic surgery debate by resurrecting Shannen Doherty, who's laid low for the past few, umm, years, ever since that Paris Hilton cat fight, but is cover-worthy this week for an apparent extreme makeover. Maybe all the press surrounding Tori Spelling has spilled over to include other "Beverly Hills 90210" alums. Ms. Spelling has been a regular in the tabloids, especially Us Weekly, which has diligently reported her travails following the death of her superrich father, the producer Aaron Spelling. This week the magazine brings us news that the actress is struggling to make ends meet, as her mother has cut her out of her father's $500 million fortune, only to receive $200,000 in the will. It plays like a plot right out of "90210." Next week don't be surprised if either Jason Priestly or Jennie Garth lands on a cover.
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