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9 Jon Stewart His next hosting gig will be for the Peabody Awards, handed out by the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism. Lower profile than the Oscars, but we bet he'll be even funnier skewering news folks.

7 'Rolling Stone' Reality Show Jann Wenner will put contestants through the ringer on an MTV reality show that will culminate in one of them being offered a job at Rolling Stone. Tip to wannabe Hunter Thompsons: Keep your desks neat.

5 Ana Marie Cox Former Wonkette blogger signs on as Time's newest columnist, both online and in print. Getting a better-paying gig annoys blogosphere, which bills her as a sell out.

3 'Today Show' All the talk about Katie Couric jumping ship to CBS Nightly News reveals just how thin a bench there is for on-air news talent.
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