10 TV Shows that Broke Out

Book of Tens: Or Why We All Need 'Heroes'

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The offbeat 'Heros' show became one, in terms of its unexpectedly high ratings.
The offbeat 'Heros' show became one, in terms of its unexpectedly high ratings.
1) "Heroes"


This show that follows ordinary characters who find out they have superpowers proves no one knows where Nielsen lightning will strike. Japanese dialogue with English subtitles, in prime time? The most popular character, Hiro, is a time-skipping comic-book addict who, naturally, has his own blog.

2) "Ugly Betty"


American TV viewers don't like losers. This ugly duckling, however, turned into a swan for the Alphabet network. Too bad it competes against NBC's "The Office."

3) "Runaway"

The CW

This CW launch was positively received by TV critics, and stars Donnie Wahlberg as a man on the run trying to keep it together for his family.

4) "Rachael Ray"


How cool is that? Rachael Ray delivers for stations and launches a funky mag. Downside for her? Her marriage is dissected daily on gossip blogs.

5) "Deal or No Deal"


Compared to the U.K. edition, this highly produced game show is a showstopper, thanks to lunatic guests and Howie Mandel's addictive hosting.

6) "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"


This summer series isn't exactly new on the scene either, but after a shaky start two years ago, this show staring Danny DeVito is just starting to pick up some heat.

7) "How I Met Your Mother"


This Monday-night show delivers consistent laughs. Who'd have thought Doogie Howser, aka the Barnacle, had it in him to be so funny? One word: legendary.

8) "Brothers & Sisters"


It's hard to fail in the post-"Desperate Housewives" time slot, but this show proved its worth, and diehard Calista, Sally and Rachel fans turned up in droves.

9) "Grey's Anatomy"


"You're cute, you're so cute," as Meredith might say. Can a Webster's Dictionary entry for "McDreamy" be far behind?

10) "The Colbert Report"

Comedy Central

From spinoff TV show to the White House Correspondents' Dinner, Stephen Colbert proved he's everyone's favorite court jester. And that's tonight's word.
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