10 TV Shows That Failed

Book of Tens: O.J. Wasn't the Only Mistake

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The ultimate bomb of a show was O.J. Simpson's 'I Did It,' which Fox was forced to kill.
The ultimate bomb of a show was O.J. Simpson's 'I Did It,' which Fox was forced to kill.
1) Fox

"O.J. Simpson: If I Did It": Oh, no, they d-i-i-h-n't, oh, yes, they did. Fox scheduled a sit-down with alleged killer who was supposed to explain his actions-kinda. End result: Project nixed due to public outcry.

2) ABC

"September 11": It was supposed to be a retelling of the 9/11 Commission Report, but turned into a political football when Dems lobbied ABC to correct alleged mistakes. The show aired without ads.

3) CBS

"Smith": John Wells, Ray Liotta, Virginia Madsen. Who'd bet against that? CBS axed the show after viewers found the story tough-going and the forthcoming scripts didn't look any better.

4) My Network TV

"Fashion House"/"Desire": Turned out viewers weren't as eager for English-language telenovelas as backers had hoped. Univision breathes a sigh of relief.

5) NBC

"Studio 60": The network is sticking by the show about a network that stuck by a show. While we like it, it has ultimately proved that viewers aren't that wedded to TV shows about TV shows.

6) ABC

"Six Degrees": J.J. Abrams can dine out forever on the success of "Lost," but the newest offering was a few degrees below zero.

7) ABC

"Emily's Reason's Why Not": A midseason replacement that launched last January, it rapidly became Entertainment President Steve McPherson's reasons why not despite star Heather Graham.

8) Fox

"Vanished": It's vanished from the lineup but is living on via the Fox on-demand offering for those who tuned in.

9) Fox

"'Till Death"/"Happy Hour": Two shows that got I-dos from Entertainment President Peter Liguori but soon found themselves on "hiatus," as they call it.

10) CBS

"Love Monkey": An "Entourage" (HBO) wannabe. Only no one bought into Tom Cavanagh as a lovelorn record exec. Note to CBS: Cast a hottie next time.
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