25 Media People You Should Follow on Twitter

Ad Age Just Wants to Help out on #FollowFriday

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- In the spirit of Twitter's Follow Fridays, when users suggest other interesting people to follow, Ad Age's MediaWorks offers a batch of media and marketing people you should follow on Twitter -- along with recent, decent tweets to give you an idea what they're up to. Use the comments to add ones we missed. And if you'd like to follow us on Twitter: Nat Ives (@natives); Abbey Klaassen (@amklaassen); Michael Learmonth (@learmonth).

Pete Cashmore, founder-CEO of Mashable, the social-media blog
Follow: @mashable
Tweet: "Reading: 'The Problem with Social Media in the Office' -http://bit.ly/DkZE5"

Nieman Lab, The Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard -- "Trying to figure out the future of news."
Follow: @NiemanLab
Tweet: "'First rule of Newspaper Pay Wall Club...' Some great reaction tweets to our news about the NAA meeting http://ff.im/3lNDY"

John Battelle, founder and chairman-CEO of Federated Media
Follow: @johnbattelle
Tweet: "Carol bartz on yahoo search -- if the right thing comes along sure we'll sell (to msft)"

Jeff Lanctot, chief strategy officer at Razorfish
Follow: @lanctot
Tweet: "Time Warner makes it official, spinning out AOL. It's likely their best chance for a turnaround."

Jennifer Preston, just named the first social-media editor at The New York Times
Follow: @NYT_JenPreston
Tweet: "Hi, I'm the NYT's new social media editor. More details later. How should @nytimes be using Twitter?"

David Carr, New York Times media columnist
Follow: @carr2n
Tweet: "AOL leaves TW so TW can focus on content. And AOL's play going forward? Umm, content. http://bit.ly/dU82e"

Big Spaceship, digital creative agency
Follow: @bigspaceship
Tweet: "iPhone app for walking and emailing at the same time -http://bit.ly/gbDYO"

Mark Cuban, owner of HDNet (and the Dallas Mavericks)
Follow: @mcuban
Tweet: "To answer the questions, Im not looking to buy any new sports teams, and if the Cubs come back up, I would not re-bid."

Paula Drum, former chief marketing officer at H&R Block
Follow: @pauladrum
Tweet: "G1 updated. really like some of the features"

Richard Ting, VP-executive creative director, mobile and emerging platforms, at R/GA
Follow: @flytip
Tweet: "P&G does great aggressive mobile. Other CPG co's need to take notice. P&G's Gillette seeks close shave with mobile. http://bit.ly/aopYY"

Mrinal Desai, co-founder and VP-sales and business development at CrossLoop
Follow: @mrinaldesai
Tweet: "Roger mcnamee - apple is practically a monopolist #d7"

David Berkowitz, emerging-media director at 360i
Follow: @dberkowitz
Tweet: "My Google Wave Limerick will ensure Google never lets me try it (apologies to Irish or poet followers) http://bit.ly/urdRd"

Amy Worley, VP-marketing at Andrews McMeel Publishing
Follow: @worleygirl
Tweet: "I check out every new follower & decide if I want to follow back. It's time consuming, but helps me keep context & purpose here."

Charles Arthur, technology editor at The Guardian
Follow: @charlesarthur
Tweet: "Fascinating how American analyses of what's happening to journalism and papers completely ignore countries that aren't the US."

Brad Adgate, research director at Horizon Media
Follow: @badgate
Tweet: "Carson finale on 5/22/92 27.9 HH rtg./63 share/41.4 MM viewers. No offense to Leno but he won't come close!"

Brian Lam, editorial director at Gizmodo
Follow: @blam
Tweet: "glad to be home from D. highlight: zune hd surprise sighting. lowpoint: being growled at by mossberg. Again."

Jacob Harris, senior software architect at The New York Times
Follow: @harrisj
Tweet: "Sometimes the URL explains the content: http://www.canyoucopyrightatweet.com/"

Nick Bilton, New York Times design-integration editor
Follow: @nickbilton
Tweet: "I just signed up for Notify NYC too. Curious to see how they handle this. Sign up here: http://bit.ly/yeKKB"

Jack Shafer, Slate media columnist
Follow: @jackshafer
Tweet: "Fareed Zakaria just friended Jeffrey Goldberg!!!!!!! http://bit.ly/bCCcA"

Dave Knox, brand manager in digital business strategy at Procter & Gamble
Follow: @daveknox
Tweet: "Do you know why Shopper Marketing matters to your brand? Re-post: http://twurl.nl/ovd1pn"

Chris Anderson, Wired magazine editor
Follow: @chr1sa
Tweet: "Terrifying thing I just heard: at any party, ask how many people there believe in ghosts. More than half will say they do. Can this be true?"

Rishad Tobaccowala, CEO of Denuo
Follow: @rishadt
Tweet: "Listening to an inspiring address by Larry Page (http://tinyurl.com/d5gtz6)"

Soraya Darabi, manager of partnership, multimedia and buzz marketing for The New York Times and NYTimes.com
Follow: @sorayad
Tweet: "Ann Derry, exec. director of video for @nytimes is doing a Q&A online. Ask her anything"

Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia Journalism School professor and "technology evangelist/skeptic"
Follow: @sreenet
Tweet: "was offline for 5 days (most in 15 years). some of you spotted my tweets, which I post-dated to appear automagically via @hootsuite."

Fred Wilson, managing partner of two venture-capital firms, Flatiron Partners and Union Square Ventures
Follow: @fredwilson
Tweet: "OH: 'I used to follow him, but he twitters too much.' oh, and this is my 5,000th twitter. is that too much?"

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