A Party of a Lifetime

Freeloader Gets Homey

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The Event: Lifetime's holiday party
The Date: Dec. 13, 2006
The Venue: Lifetime publicist Meredith Wagner's Park Avenue apartment
The Drinks: Chocolate martinis, blush wines, Grey Goose, the works (and not an eggnog in sight!)
The Food: A hearty holiday helping of seasonal staples such as roast beef, cranberry sauce and Christmas cut-out cookies -- all homemade by the event's hostess, no less.

Nothing gives Freeloader that warm, fuzzy feeling this time of year quite like a good bad Lifetime movie. The Christmas chestnut "Ebbie," starring Susan Lucci as a female scrooge, has always been appointment TV for us. Therefore, we leapt at the chance to join the network's staff at their annual holiday party, all within the privacy of a cozy Park Avenue apartment belonging to Lifetime's top publicist, Meredith Wagner.

Although we were hoping to get a good Valerie Bertinelli or Markie Post spotting out of the outing (they're hard to come by these days), we were happy to settle for an eleventh-hour cameo from Geralyn Lucas, the real-life woman behind the recent Lifetime biopic "Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy."

The surprise appearance got Freeloader on the topic of favorite Lifetime movies with our fellow reporter friends at The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. The Journal's Brooks Barnes preferred 1992's camptastic "A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story" with Meredith Baxter, while the Times's Felicia R. Lee cited the aforementioned "Mastectomy" as a recent fave. Freeloader, however, holds a special place for 1994's "Madonna: Innocence Lost," starring "Just Shoot Me's" Wendie Malick as the woman who put the Material Girl on the map.

The whole conversation got us wondering, though: when's Lifetime going to commit the Lorena Bobbitt story to celluloid? Surely Ally Sheedy or Sean Young is waiting anxiously by the phone, eager to sink her teeth (and kitchen knife) into the role of a lifetime. Until that day comes, we'll have the memory of some truly tasty chocolate martinis and homemade cupcakes to tide us over.
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