This Is a Spoof of CNN's 'This Is an Apple' Ad. Actually, Five of Them

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You certainly saw this coming: In the wake of the release of CNN's "This is an apple" ad, released on Monday as part of its new "Facts First" campaign (watch it here), assorted wags and CNN antagonists have gotten busy, serving up all manner of spoofs. A selection:

BuzzFeed News grabbed the comedic low-hanging fruit with an extended knock-knock joke:

The conservative Media Research Center put out this low-effort take, tweaking CNN's "Facts First" tagline to "#FakeFirst":

Fellow conservative news outlet The Daily Caller (cofounded by Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson) also opted for CNN-bashing:

And Greg Tomlin, a producer for conservative radio host Michael Medved, went the anti-transgender route:

And finally, on "The Late Show," Stephen Colbert graciously "fixed" CNN's ad by creating a "slightly more honest version":

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