Ad Age Annual Swag Watch: Day Five

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

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Photography by Hoag Levins

NEW YORK ( –- It's not the most cheerful holiday season, what with all the layoffs, bailouts and downright pessimism. That's why we're glad that some of you have stuck with the swag tradition, because we all need a smile this year more than ever. Here's some of the silly, yummy, and practical stuff we unwrapped this week.

Aflac duck
From Aflac: a plush toy of its iconic, perpetually crabby duck, decked out in a branded vest, lumberjack hat and impossibly cute set of mittens. He screams things when you squeeze his tail, natch.
 <a href='' class='directory_entry' title='AdAge Directory'>360i</a> umbrella
Now we can handle snow or sleet or rain, thanks to this extra large umbrella from 360i. We are seriously psyched about this one. Take note: We never, ever have an umbrella when we need one, so you can never go wrong sending us one.
Accent Marketing ornament
Three times and that's a trend, right!? Accent Marketing says it invented the tradition of decorating your tree with an ornament from an ad agency. The stack of ornaments from ad agencies in the corner here would suggest otherwise.
Crispin Porter & Bogusky swag
It seems the best swag is the swag with fancy labels. Crispin Porter & Bogusky sent over an adorable set of plush lounge socks, matching sleep mask and a duo of sleep-inducing aromatherapy products from Bath & Body Works, plus a vanilla bean candle from Henri Bendel. Either the CP&B boys are trying to seduce us, or they know how much we need that three-month nap. (Although several boxes arrived with busted bottles of the Black Chamomile bath lotion, making it a rather gooey surprise for some of us.)
 <a href='' class='directory_entry' title='AdAge Directory'>Horizon Media</a> chocolates
Horizon Media sent this precarious, gilded tower of confections to a single reporter, far too much for any one person to consume. Clever, but it'll take more than a few dozen pounds of chocolate to take one of our writers out of commission. And given we ate all the rest of the goodies last week, there are plenty of people willing to help polish this off.
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