Ad Age Annual Swag Watch: Day Six

In Which We Find Nary a Scrooge Nor a Grinch

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Photography by Hoag Levins

NEW YORK ( –- Given the tremendous pressure on the industry this past quarter, and the gloomy outlook for '09, we can honestly say we are grateful for everyone who fought back the Scrooge-y impulse and upheld the swag tradition this year -- and are warmed to note how many of you opted to go for the donation to charity instead of sending us a trinket. We raise a Tiny Tim salute to you all.

'Sleep Tight, Africa'
Malaria No More gave us a charmingly chunky child's book, quixotically titled "Sleep Tight, Africa" and packaged in a mosquito net. The net is a bit snug for our desks, but at least the book will be safe.
MVP donation
Remember when you were a kid, and while all your teachers were content with divvying up a box of broken candy canes and graciously not assigning any homework for one night, your science teacher adopted a couple endangered cougars in the Patagonian rainforest and named them after your class? No? Well, MVP NY media just did us one better: a donation to the Make-A-Wish foundation, in Ad Age's name. Thanks for the karma points, MVP!
Firstborn Multimedia overflowed our inboxes this morning with a bunch of squat boxes. "What could they be?" we wondered giddily. Personalized iPhones? Airplane-size bottles of scotch? More cookies? Yeah, no. It was a sock. Not even a pair, but a lonely, woefully misshapen sock in each box with a tiny card inside telling us of their charitable donation to the International Child Act foundation. While we appreciate the sentiment and the work of a worthwhile non-profit, we hope the kids all get two socks each.
Walrus tote
Walrus' patented planetary responsibility tote would be exceptionally light, were it not for the murderous guilt weighing it down. The bag proclaims that each time we forget it at home, "eight seagulls and two hectares of Amazonian rainforest die." Two hectares!? Why, that's nearly 20 furlongs! Three-dozen gous, even! Good thing Ad Age does not respond to threats of obscure measurement.
IQ interactive greeting
More green-friendly gifting from the team at IQ International: an endearing, genuinely bizarre set of digital holiday greetings from the IQ crew sent via e-mail. Seriously, one guy plays "Little Drummer Boy" on his gut. Times are tough, so we appreciate the inventiveness guys, but honestly, never come see us in person.

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