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Presents, We Get Presents

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- It doesn't really feel like Chrismakwanzukkah here around the MediaWorks hearth until the swag starts to arrive. Swag -- defined among those who toil in the media mines -- is any gift sent by one company to thank another for its business and support in the past year. Even though we're all incredibly dedicated professionals here, we can't help but get a little tingly when we see the mailroom swing that cart through, piled high with padded envelopes and cardboard boxes. Is one of them for me? What treasures could it hold? Well, we're here to tell you. Here's what we got. (Feel free to let us know what your favorite swag was -- use the 'Your Opinion' box below.)

There are always those who jump in early with the sending of the swag. The first items to arrive at our offices were actually promotions for upcoming holiday specials. The proud do-it-yourself-ers at DIY Network sent us a string of Christmas lights shaped like tools to flag up their Holiday Craft-Nanza.

Oxygen Networks was out promoting its Naughty Girls, Nice Shows with a red velvet bag of coal. We can think of a couple people we can regift that one to.

ABC Family also wanted us to have a bright holiday, sending a miniature silver Christmas tree with enough lights to accommodate a full-sized tree. The tree came with a programming guide to ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas.

Sibling ABC Radio Networks sent a nifty popcorn maker, complete with paper bags.

Agencies this year wanted to make sure we were able to cart home all our goodies, with DDB sending along a nicely roomy black and silver bag.

Ten United took the opportunity to remind us who its clients are, with a miniature shopping "survival" cart stocked with anti-cold medication Airborne, Zone Perfect snack bars, Elmer's Squeeze 'n Brush paint pens, a Kidz Bop CD and Better Than Ears bacon-flavored dog treats.

Lucky magazine, thoughtfully, had all our holiday wrapping needs covered, asking: If you were a gift, what would you wear? Obviously something from this stylish box of paper, ribbons, precut tape and, of course, divine snowflake stickers.

Lifetime, meanwhile, sent an extremely stylish box of Eleni cookies, artfully decorated in gold, white and silver icing.
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