Ad Age's Annual Swag Watch: Day 4

Sometimes the Best Gifts Are Those You Made Yourself

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Photography by Hoag Levins

NEW YORK ( – Turns out Santa's elves still keep delivering even over the weekend. On a Monday morning, what wondrous sight should appear? Why several swag boxes and eight tiny reindeer. (OK, no reindeer, we got carried away.) The media behemoths have made their swag appearance, and that means we'll have plenty to watch and do over the break. Take a look at what we unwrapped today.

Warner Bros. DVDs
Warner Bros., you've done it again. Not only have you furnished us with a copy of this year's critical darling, "The Dark Knight," AND a box set of those old holiday animation specials we never really watch but take comfort in knowing still exist, you also sent us all three of the Peanuts gang's year-end classics. We love those crazy latch-key kids. Except you, Schroeder. No one likes a showoff.
NBCU swag
NBCU Domestic Television has really cornered the gift-shop market: Jerry Springer shot glass and matching "security" cap and dog tag, "Deal or No Deal" mouse pad --- years of buyer's remorse compressed tighter than the "Access Hollywood" pack T-shirt they threw in for laffs. The Martha Stewart recipe tome is a welcome and completely incongruous addition, though. It might not actually supposed to have been included, but we're sure Mom will love it.
Top Chef cookbook
Bravo's foodie behemoth makes its presence known in the Ad Age offices with their compendium of Colicchio-approved recipes and accompanying branded cutting board. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have to prepare an amuse bouche of braised duck leg and coffee-foam reduction. Because we can do that now.
'Keyboard Legend' game
Riffing off the "Guitar Hero" franchise cult, Dieste sends along their "Keyboard Legend" game, which apparently requires the execution of an electric Santa hat and adhering two jingle balls to your monitor with suction cups. We'll try it when we're alone.
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