Ad Results, Understanding Clients Called Key to Ad Sales

Promising Access to Your Senior Staff -- Not So Much

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NEW YORK ( -- Some advice for media companies trying to sell ads: Promising your senior staff's full attention might not charm potential advertisers as much as you think.

Ad results, understanding a marketer's business, aggressive deals on price and customer service are the real top priorities, according to a new Advertiser Perceptions survey of more than 1,500 digital, TV and print media decision-makers at both clients and agencies. Each of those four criteria were rated "very important" by at least 75% of respondents.

Assurances that senior staff would be dedicated to an account, on the other hand, was rated "very important" by 49% of respondents -- trailed only by a media brand's international capabilities, rated "very important" by 23%, and corporate social events, by just 20%.

"The results show that what essentially everyone, marketers and agencies alike, is looking for is ad results," said Ken Pearl, CEO of Advertiser Perceptions. "They're saying that if you want to work with us, we want you to be able to demonstrate that you're going to be able to give us a return on our investment and increase our sales. Everything in these relationships is going to revolve around the importance of ad results and media companies being able to deliver."

ESPN, Google, Meredith and Turner were rated the best media companies with which to do business, according to the survey.

Agencies were more likely to rate criteria "very important" than marketers themselves, particularly on factors like customer service, which was rated very important by 81% of agency respondents but only 69% of marketers, and creative value-added offerings, very important to 71% of agencies but just 54% of marketers. Agencies and marketers were most closely aligned, however, on the leading criteria for both: ad results.

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