'Welcome to America': Time cover story asks 'What kind of country are we?'

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In the wake of outrage over the Trump Administration's family separation policy, Time's latest issue—on newsstands Friday—serves up a series of essays and reports on what the newsweekly calls "a referendum on core American values."

In a piece headlined "A Reckoning After Trump's Border Separation Policy: What Kind of Country Are We?," Karl Vick writes,

For the first 240 years of U.S. history, at least, our most revered chief executives reliably articulated a set of high-minded, humanist values that bound together a diverse nation by naming what we aspired to: democracy, humanity, equality. The Enlightenment ideals Thomas Jefferson etched onto the Declaration of Independence were given voice by Presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama. ... Donald Trump doesn't talk like that."

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And in an essay titled "Trump Backed Down, But the Crisis at the Border Is Far From Over," Molly Ball writes,

The inhumanity unfolding at the border has not just been a test for Trump. It has been, and will continue to be, a moment of reckoning for America. Trump has often bet that if he just rides out the current frenzy, the anger will fade and some new controversy will erupt. He thinks shock is a temporary condition, moral outrage is phony posturing and that the American people can be numbed to just about anything. If there is a Trump creed, it's that there's no such thing as going too far. That may have found its limit with putting children in cages.

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Both of the photos Time used in its composite cover are from Getty Images. Earlier this week, Time offered context on the photo of the crying girl, taken for Getty by John Moore: "'All I Wanted to Do Was Pick Her Up.' How a Photographer at the U.S.-Mexico Border Made an Image America Could Not Ignore"

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