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See How Visits to Broadcast Sites Match Up With Nielsen Ratings

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NEW YORK ( -- Everyone knows "American Idol" is a juggernaut, but consider this: Last week owned a third of broadcast's online market, nabbing 33% of all traffic to broadcast-TV-show websites, according to Hitwise.
Fox's dominates the web like its broadcast counterpart rules the airwaves.
Fox's dominates the web like its broadcast counterpart rules the airwaves.

NBC's "Deal or No Deal" site was in second place, with 12.33%, followed by ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" at 9.31% and "Grey's Anatomy" at 3.23%. NBC's "Heroes" site notched 3.15% of all visits.

Here's a look at last week's top 10 program sites and 10 highest-rated TV shows. Shows are ranked by total viewers, rather than the more meaningful 18-to-49 demo on which most are sold, since web traffic isn't broken out by demographic.

Biggest surprises? "America's Most Wanted," weighing in at No. 6 on Hitwise's list and No. 57 for total viewers, and ABC's "The Bachelor," whose site ranks seventh per Hitwise but whose broadcast is 33rd for total viewers.

Share of U.S. broadcast-TV-show web traffic for the week ending April 28

"American Idol" (Fox) 32.96%
"Deal or No Deal" (NBC) 12.33%
"Dancing With the Stars" (ABC) 9.31%
"Grey's Anatomy" (ABC) 3.23%
"Heroes" (NBC) 3.15%
"America's Most Wanted" (Fox) 2.3%
"The Bachelor" (ABC) 2.11%
"Lost" (ABC) 1.87%
"Survivor: Fiji" (CBS) 1.82%
"Pussycat Dolls Presents" (CW) 1.76%

Number of viewers (2 and older, live plus same day) for the week ending April 29

"American Idol" -- Wednesday (Fox) 26.9 million
"American Idol" -- Tuesday (Fox) 26.5 million
"House" (Fox) 20.8 million
"Grey's Anatomy" (ABC) 20.1 million
"CSI" (CBS) 20.2 million
"Dancing With the Stars" -- Monday (ABC) 18.9 million
"Desperate Housewives" (ABC) 17.2 million
"CSI: Miami" (CBS) 17 million
"Dancing With the Stars" -- Thursday (ABC) 16.6 million
"NCIS" (CBS) 14.2 million

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Data were culled from Hitwise's weekly Conversions report, which ranks program sites for the national broadcast networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, the CW and MyNetworkTV), including both stand-alone sites and sections within larger network sites. Rankings are based on share of web traffic to all sites included in the report.
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