Bon Appetit Raises Ads to New Place of Honor

Copy Promoting Starbucks Appears in Magazine's Masthead

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NEW YORK ( -- We wouldn't have thought there was much real estate left in magazines still untouched by advertisers, not after Mini USA appropriated the staples in Rolling Stone. But Starbucks has found some.

Starbucks' spread in the May issue of Bon Appetit. Click to enlarge and see what the folks on the publishing masthead had to say about Starbucks.

In the May issue of Bon Appetit, Starbucks takes over the business-side masthead, asking the roll call of the magazine's executives, "What do you like best with your Starbucks coffee at home?"

To read the eloquent answers attributed to them, you have to wonder why these execs aren't working for the editorial side. OK, it's the pay. But their answers really are eloquent!

"The House Blend is perfect with an afternoon snack of lemon yogurt and granola," says Lonore Rivera, director-finance and business operations.

"My pecan pie and Starbucks Colombia were made for each other," says Stephanie J. Baker, merchandising director.

The masthead, which is marked "promotion" at the top, is one page in a two-page Starbucks spread. The ad was the result of collaboration among the marketer, Conde Nast's Bon Appetit and the MediaVest media agency after MediaVest sent a "call for innovation" to its print partners.

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