Marketers Are Still Getting in on Sept. 11 Remembrances, but a Bit More Carefully Now

Previous Years Have Brought Brand Apologies, Deleted Posts

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Brands are posting 9/11 memorials in social media for another year.

Marketers have previously triggered loud complaints with Sept. 11 tweets that seemed tone-deaf, resulting in apologies and deleted posts.

This year, their posts seem more careful, ranging from somber photography to stock graphics of American flags paired with simple messages like "Never forget" and "United we stand."

But there's still a question whether marketers, which exist essentially to shill products, have good enough reason to inject themselves into remembrances of Sept. 11. Some may have rethought their previous participation. As of noon today, White Castle, Cinnabon, Bass Pro Shops, Fleshlight, Walmart, CVS, The Vitamin Shoppe, Applebee's and Huggies are among brands that tweeted about the attacks last year but haven't so far today.

The NFL and MLB are exceptions, with tweets last year and again today.

Century 21 streamed on Meerkat as a crowd painted a mural.

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