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Brands Are Missing Out on an Important Daypart

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The workplace, as we know it, has significantly evolved over the past decade. Open-concept spaces have replaced cubicles. There's a new casual definition of business attire. And the generational shift in the workforce has made the 9-to-5 mentality all but extinct.

The Modern Workplace
Welcome to the modern workplace. The days are longer, privacy is nonexistent and connectivity is at an all-time high. And yet professionals are happier. The reason is simple. Professionals are improving their work-life balance by successfully accomplishing personal and professional tasks during the workday, or for media-centric people, the Working Daypart.

The Working Daypart consists of the hours spent at the office. This is when most professionals now determine what they are going to buy and even complete those transactions at their desk online or at a physical location near their office. They may not admit it in front of their boss, but this trend has advanced into a workday staple. It's not just the standard for a specific consumer set but rather everyone – regardless of age, gender, industry or seniority. People are more comfortable with putting in longer hours, in part, because of the convenience of completing personal duties during the day versus after work or over the weekend.

The Working Daypart has become a key component in the consumer journey and yet many brands are not taking full advantage of the opportunity to reach this audience so close to the moment of consideration and/or purchase. Most advertisers recognize that white-collar workers are in-market for business products and services during the workday. However, these principal shoppers are making the most out of this time frame by also completing consumer transactions. The dual hat that people now wear at work is creating new opportunities for brands to engage with customers when they are in-market for a variety of personal goods and services.

Professionals Are Consumers While at Work
According to a 2017 Office Pulse study, professionals are conducting personal activities at the office:

  • 88% go online for personal needs
  • 78% go shopping (online or in-store)
  • 72% run errands

In most cases, the office is one of the only true focused spaces to conduct meaningful brand research and then purchases. When out of the office, professionals are distracted by social commitments and domestic duties, so time alone tends to quickly disappear. This is a trend we noticed across an array of advertising categories including automotive, travel, technology and banking.

Wheels Turning at the Workplace
Heading to the dealership has transformed into the final step of the buying process. Consumers now compare models and build customized vehicles online, as well as consult with co-workers before even engaging with a sales representative.

Which of the following best describes your (at-work) research for a vehicle?

Source: Office Pulse, April 2017
Source: Office Pulse, April 2017

Midday Getaway
According to Kayak, 57% of Americans use part of their workday to plan their next vacation, especially between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. This could stem from Tuesday being deemed the best day to catch a good deal or a piling workload that reminds professionals of the vacation they need … now.

image Enlarge
Source: Office Pulse, March 2018

Navigating the World of Wireless
Today, there is an endless amount of wireless options to choose from. From devices to providers, the choices are enticing yet intimidating. To make a sound decision, people tend to research during multiple dayparts.

Source: Office Pulse, February 2018
Source: Office Pulse, February 2018

Banker's Hours
Although most banks now offer online and mobile services as well as extended branch hours, many white-collar workers are still programmed to conduct activities during working hours.

Source: Office Pulse, March 2018
Source: Office Pulse, March 2018

An Underused Opportunity
Whether in secrecy or in plain sight, professionals are using work hours to research personal products/services, run errands and make transactions. With this insight, the workplace now becomes a viable source to reach the modern professional in a consumer mindset. Leveraging highly targeted media channels that cater to the Working Daypart effectively influences brand preference, consideration and intent during the consumer journey. Innovative marketers have a great opportunity to make this phenomenon work for their brand.

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