Recording TV Shows With a Tweet

Brazil's Sky TV Lets Subscribers Record Shows by Hashtag

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Ever forget to record a TV show and wish there was another way to do it? Brazil's largest satellite provider, Sky, is testing a way for subscribers to record shows via Twitter.

Sky is giving subscribers in Brazil a way to record shows with just a tweet.
Sky is giving subscribers in Brazil a way to record shows with just a tweet.

The technology, which was developed by Sky's digital agency in Brazil, AgenciaClick Isobar, generates a Twitter hashtag that works like a record button. According to the agency, the concept is a response to noticing that consumers were turning to Twitter and other sources for information about TV shows rather the schedule of programming on Sky's website.

Sky, which is majority owned by DirecTV, is rolling out the service to subscribers starting today.

Here's how it works:

  • Customers register on the Sky website to link their Twitter handles with their subscriber numbers.

  • When customers see @skybrasil tweet about shows they want to record, they retweet those posts and add the hashtag #skyrec.

  • Sky connects the Twitter handles with the customers' home DVRs and automatically records the programs.

"By using #SKYREC customers don't have to go to the program, the program goes to them," Fred Saldanha, creative VP at AgenciaClick Isobar, said in a statement. "It's a simple, innovative idea that is extremely relevant to the customer,"

Limiting the effort to shows that @skybrasil tweets about first limits its application. But it's working on ways to have a broader reach. A future version, the agency said, will let subscribers record programs by tweeting themselves. Their followers will be able to record those shows too by retweeting their friends' posts.

Of course, in order to be a successful program rather than a one-off gimmick, the service will need to do two things: be adopted by more than a tiny group of people, and prove that it works.

Marcelo Miranda, Sky's marketing director, said the company is publicizing the service with house ads on Sky channels as well as through a paid digital media buy. He also noted that Sky will be drawing on several Brazilian personalities, including singers and model Giselle Bundchen, to help promote the service.

Mr. Miranda's hope is that participating consumers' tweets will help promote both the service and the Sky brand.

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