No Display Ads, No Problem: Brit & Co Website Encourages Readers to Try Ad Blocking

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Many web publishers see ad blocking as a threat to their business, so you shouldn't expect to see too many online articles along the lines of this one today from Brit & Co, the popular lifestyle and e-commerce site:

It seems like pop-up ads happen on a daily basis when you're just trying to virtual window-shop on your go-to online store. Multiple times. Sick of that annoyance? Well, the future looks ad-free for everyone. One of the most popular ad-blocking apps for desktop just dropped a mobile version for all Android and iOS users to DL.

The post goes on, promising that the app -- Adblock Browser -- will make your mobile web surfing "worry- and annoyance-free."

There's nothing wrong with reader service, of course, but in a happy coincidence for Brit & Co, the website doesn't sell the kind of display ads that Adblock Browser and other such apps eliminate. Instead Brit & Co posts articles sponsored by marketers such as Intel and Target that ad blockers don't touch.

Some publishers such as The Washington Post are experimenting with keeping people out if they show up bearing ad blockers. But many publishers are already looking to sponsored posts to help them survive ad blockers, and more will follow if the trend continues (and if suing the problem away doesn't turn out to be an option).

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