Buy Ads Based Off President's Tweets? Bloomberg Media Says Why Not

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A Bloomberg terminal.
A Bloomberg terminal. Credit: Bloomberg via YouTube

Marketers may soon be able to cash in on the president's tweets.

Bloomberg Media on Thursday described its latest ad offering, a product called Trigr that taps Bloomberg Terminal data to let marketers display ads in response to financial developments.

It's meant to streamline the process of getting creative up in tune with events like a shift in the stock market, gas prices or the fortunes of a particular business sector. That's usually not easy: The process can take "one to five hours," says Derek Gatts, global head of technology and product at Bloomberg Media.

"You've got an advertiser talking to an agency, and they're talking to us," Gatts says. "It's a real challenge. And when all that's through, it takes another 30 minutes for us to start serving the ad."

An initial client for Trigr, the insurance company Hiscox, is using it to promote its cyber security offering, according to Russ Findlay, chief marketing officer at Hiscox. Its ads show up when stocks related to that sector show volatility, suggesting activity and interest in the area.

Bloomberg is looking into adding tweets and news alerts to its portfolio of triggers against which marketers can buy.

Last December, the president said costs for a Lockheed Martin warplane were "out of control." Shortly after, the company's valuation tanked $3.8 billion. And three days before Christmas, Trump tweeted that the U.S. was going to expand its nuclear program, which caused the value of some companies specializing in uranium to increase.

Gatts said Trigr's first batch of deals comprise revenue in the "seven figures."

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