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Understand this: If the CBS News Bush-National Guard piece was factually inaccurate, there would be screaming from Bush-Cheney '04 on that point out the ying-yang. It's not. And there isn't. As it stands, we're now-finally!-past marveling about how we're debating electric typewriter functions from 35 years ago. Credit the bloggers for uncovering the screw-up.

We'd whack CBS for not reading the fine print finely enough, but it's so busy fending off the frothing hordes, we will likely not be heard. Now, perhaps, our "friends" at the likes of can get off the off-with-his-head stuff and get back on the important stuff, like cleaning spittle off their computer screens.

Does Rather go? The Buzz is a terrible predictor, and for all we know Rather will have fled to Guam by the time you read this. And we can extrapolate nada in terms of future response from an institution that seems stuck in 1974, judging from CBS's slow, grudgeful trudge of a walk-back, or the now-famous comparison of its "layers of checks and balances" with "a guy sitting in his living room in pajamas" courtesy of former CBS exec Jonathan Klein.

But forget this docu-drama for a moment and consider, instead, the bigger issue for the network news-what The Buzz likes to call the France Problem. Despite overweening self-regard, no one notices `em until they infuriate the Western world-or at least the right-wing blogosphere.

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