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Last Week a sea of tuxes crowded into Manhattan's Waldorf-Astoria to honor the latest winners of the magazine world's lifetime achievement kudos, the Henry Johnson Fisher award. And what was the Buzz's favorite moment? Was it when Jack Rehm, former chairman of Meredith Corp. and the man who introduced Meredith CEO Bill Kerr, the first of the night's honorees, threw down a gauntlet to say the company did not spend money on a self-celebrating video presentation but rather donated the cash to charity? Was it when the next honoree, Hearst Magazine's Good Housekeeping editor Ellen Levine, assured Kerr they'd shot her video in the basement to save dough? Or Levine's nine rules for magazine-world success (among them: "don't screw with the Bible" and, natch, "stop talking before your audience stops listening"), or the transparent delight with which she shimmied across the stage to receive her award? None of the above. The Buzz's favorite moment came at the close of the evening. We asked two young turks of the industry at the same time who would replace ousted Gruner & Jahr USA Publishing CEO Dan Brewster-and in perfect sync, each wordlessly pointed to the other! You heard it here first-or you would have, if only The Buzz could remember exactly who those young turks were.
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