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fashion faux pas ranged from the sublime (toilet paper secured to the kitten heel of a go-go boot) to the truly ridiculous (giant pimp hats, pink wooly coats and head-to-toe "I Love Justin" logos).

Glamour's Don't Party gave young Hollywood a chance to break out the leg warmers, Ugg boots, midriff-baring T-shirts and micro-miniskirts. Um, on second thought, maybe those weren't the costumes.

The party, held at a Del Taco restaurant in Hollywood where the burritos mixed with Twinkies, attracted more than 1,000 people who, with varying degrees of success, trotted out their worst outfits. The night was an homage to the Glamour section known for pointing out people's bad fashion judgement. For Glamour's brass, the Don't Party meant dressing like a star at a not-so-shining moment. Glamour VP-Publisher Suzanne Grimes did her best Celine Dion impersonation in a backward white pantsuit. Editor in Chief Cindi Leive opted for the black leather Janet Jackson Super Bowl outfit with red bra underneath. No wardrobe malfunction was reported. Other celeb dress-alikes included a Diane Keaton in an Annie Hall suit, bowler hat and specs, and an endless stream of Paris Hilton clones.

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