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THE LATEST BID for a sub-slice of those elusive, affluent young men-and their wholly destroyed attention spans-hits this fall. Trader Monthly will launch with an October-November issue and target-yup-monied young traders of stocks, commodities, futures, bonds ... well, you get the idea. Trader Monthly looks to be a younger and way-more-adrenalized, take on, say, The Robb Report. It's the brainchild of Randall Lane, the editor in chief of the ill-fated men's title P.O.V., who's starting it up thanks to the hefty bankroll of Magnus Greaves. Greaves is the 30-year-old co-founder of trading firm Mac Futures and who, per Lane, is something of a poster boy for the title. Judging, at least, from Lane's description of him as the kind of guy who flies his Lamborghini from London to L.A. in order to speed his way back across the country in the company of several pals and their pet cars. "This is the kind of things these guys do for fun," Lane says.

Publisher Wilkie Bushby, a vet of Hearst Magazines' Traditional Home and Town & Country, touts an ultra-targeted controlled circulation of around 100,000, of which Lane says a small chunk will come via newsstand sales at $10 a pop. Six issues in `04; 10 planned for `05. An educated guess puts the total investment in the title in the mid-seven-figure range. Ad pages are $20,000. The Web site goes live in October.

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