Cable's 'Million Dollar Eyeballs' Study

Monroe Mendelsohn Research Ranks Networks According to Affluence

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NEW YORK ( -- The cable networks have coined all types of phrases to describe their coveted, upscale viewers -- Discovery's "slambrosia" and Bravo's "affluencers" are two of the more colorful examples -- but a recent survey from Monroe Mendelsohn Research is helping those networks put their viewers where their mouths are.
Affleunt households spend the most hours watching Fox News.
Affleunt households spend the most hours watching Fox News.

The "Million Dollar Eyeballs" study, conducted between June and September 2006, tabulated how many hours viewers in households above and below the $1 million mark in total income and investments watched cable TV over a seven-day period. Though the usual suspects cropped up (Fox News ranks No. 1 for the upscale set with 7.9 hours, Discovery's "slambrosia" watched 3.8 hours to rank sixth in the same category), there were a few surprises.

CNBC, the No. 2 network above $1 million, had the biggest disparity between its two categories, with 7.3 hours watched in upscale households and 2.6 hours on the other end of the income spectrum. Fox News, while top-ranked among the affluent, dipped to No. 6 in the "under million" category, with ESPN taking top honors among that segment.

The top 10 most-watched cable networks by affluent households:
Fox News, 7.9 hours in seven days
CNBC, 7.3 hours
CNN, 6.9 hours
ESPN, 6.4 hours
ESPN2, 4.6 hours
The History Channel, 4.3 hours
HBO, 3.9 hours
Discovery Channel, 3.8 hours
HGTV, 3.7 hours
A&E, 3.5 hours

The top 10 cable networks among households under $1 million:
ESPN, 5.8 hours
CNN, 4.8 hours
The Discovery Channel, 4.5 hours
HGTV, 4.5 hours
Fox News, 4.3 hours
HBO, 4.1 hours
The History Channel, 4.1 hours
The Food Network, 3.8 hours
ESPN2, 3.6 hours
A&E, 3.2 hours
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