Colbert Introduces 'Doing Her Best Barbie' as an Alternative to Mattel's Shero Barbies

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In his "Late Show" monologue Thursday night, Stephen Colbert celebrated International Women's Day and noted that Mattel marked the occasion by releasing a line of Shero (women hero) "role model" Barbies modeled after iconic, history-making female artists, athletes, scientists and moreā€”an arguably intimidating line-up for little girls just looking to chill out with their dollies.

"Now, I believe in empowering women and girls and celebrating," Colbert said. "But there has to be a middle ground where girls can just have fun without feeling pressure to win a Nobel Prize or an Olympic medal. That's why we at 'The Late Show' tonight are proud to introduce the new 'Doing Her Best Barbie.'" (At this point Colbert showed the doll.) "She's just doing her best, OK? She's not first in anything, OK? But she's doing her best! She's wearing sweatpants that were washed at some point. Her hair is up in ponytail because hair-wash day is tomorrow. She used to come with a Jason doll, but that ended because the Jason doll wanted her to invest in his home-brew start-up, and she was like, 'Mmm, pass.'..."

Bonus: Keep watching to the end of the segment for Colbert's hilarious response to McDonald's flipping the "M" in its logo to make it read as a "W," also in honor of International Women's Day.

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