Watch Colbert's take on the White House hiring a 'disgraced Fox News boss'

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On Wednesday night's "Late Show," Stephen Colbert served up a sort of second monologue—this one while seated at his desk—to riff on Bill Shine, the former Fox News co-president who, Colbert points out, "resigned amid the Roger Ailes harassment scandal after he was named in lawsuits for not taking action and trying to cover up allegations of sexual harassment. ... In fact, Shine was so toxic after leaving Fox News that he was considered untouchable by many other prospective employers." Colbert then briefly does the character of a restaurant manager turning down Shine at a job interview: "Eh, you're not really Quiznos material. Have you tried the White House?"

But Colbert really gets rolling, comedically speaking, when he starts talking about Shine's wife Darla, who has been in the news for racist statements she made in the past on her (now-deleted) Twitter account, plus some thoughts she shared on Facebook about transgender people and—wait for it—"manmade vagina."

Incidentally, for further reading on Shine—and his possible actual intended role in the Trump Adminstration—read the full Vanity Fair post by Gabriel Sherman that Colbert briefly flashes on screen and quotes from: "'Trump Is Too Chickenshit to Fire Kelly Himself': With Bill Shine Producing His West Wing Reality Show, Trump Prepares to Dump His Chief of Staff."

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