Comcast Apologizes for Rude Customer Service Rep Who Wouldn't Let Customer Quit

Listen as Rep Demands Answers for Why Customer Wants to Cancel Service

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Comcast said it was "embarrassed" after a husband and wife tried to cancel their cable service with the company but were met with a very aggressive customer service representative.

The conversation that ensued, in which the customer service rep relentlessly demanded why they wanted to disconnect, went viral after the husband, Ryan Block, posted a recording of it on SoundCloud.

In the recording, which runs more than eight minutes, the rep asked Mr. Block multiple times why he was leaving Comcast. When Mr. Block declined to provide a reason, the rep went on a rant touting Comcast's fast internet speeds and questioning why Mr. Block would want to leave "the No. 1 rated internet service, No. 1 rated TV service, available."

"This phone call is a really actually an amazing representative example of why I don't want to stay with Comcast," Mr. Block replied. "So can you please cancel our service?"

Comcast issued an apology on Tuesday. "We are very embarrassed by the way our employee spoke with Mr. Block and Ms. Belmont and are contacting them to personally apologize," the company said in a statement. "The way in which our representative communicated with them is unacceptable and not consistent with how we train our customer service representatives. We are investigating this situation and will take quick action. While the overwhelming majority of our employees work very hard to do the right thing every day, we are using this very unfortunate experience to reinforce how important it is to always treat our customers with the utmost respect."

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