Comcast Logo Adds NBC Peacock

Company Wants Brand Located at Intersection of Media and Tech

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The NBC peacock has joined the parent company's logo.
The NBC peacock has joined the parent company's logo.

Comcast is looking to connect in a bigger way with its NBC brand.

The company will incorporate the iconic peacock, which NBC has used since 1956, as part of its corporate logo. The new version appeared on Comcast's redesigned website on Monday night and will eventually replace Comcast's current logo on trucks, advertisements and service bills.

The peacock now roosts above the Comcast name, which is in all capital letters and has a new font. Comcast's previous logo featured a red crescent, which has been dropped, and lower-case lettering.

The change comes as Comcast prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary next year and looks to brand itself at the intersection of media and technology, a spokeswoman said.

The old logo
The old logo

NBC's prime-time schedule has also perhaps become a bit easier to brag about this year, winning November sweeps for the first time since 2003. The network is also coming off an Olympics telecast that beat expectations by turning a profit.

Comcast removed the peacock from NBC Universal's own logo after acquiring a 51% stake in the company in January 2011. The previous NBC Universal logo incorporated both the peacock and a globe silhouette to represent Universal Studios. "It seemed kind of busy," then-new NBC Universal CEO Steve Burke told employees.

The Comcast spokeswoman said today that NBC Universal will continue to use the all-text logo.

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