'Cosmo' Girl Seeks 'Men's Health' Guy

Magazine Editors Switch Columns for May Issues

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Here's a meeting of the minds: Cosmopolitan and Men's Health are plotting to swap editors for their May issues, giving Dave Zinczenko his way with a special section of Cosmo and Kate White a section of her own in Men's Health. The reason? To give each editor a chance to talk about the results of an unscientific poll inquiring after readers' perfect opposite-sex mates.
Editors Dave Zinczenko and Kate White are swapping titles in May.
Editors Dave Zinczenko and Kate White are swapping titles in May.

'Mutual favor'
"We're acting like matchmakers between the Men's Health guy and the Cosmo girl, who are made for each other," said Mr. Zinczenko, editor in chief at Men's Health. "It's a mutual favor that we're doing for each other's readers. If it works out, maybe we'll joint-venture on a parenting magazine."

Ms. White, Cosmo's editor in chief and the one who came up with the idea, said the titles are nearly perfect for each other. "We have this very clear sense that our reader dates a guy who reads Men's Health and really likes the magazine," she said. "The Men's Health guy to me is unbelievably fun and fearless."

The magazines share some newsstand prowess, too. Cosmo reported average paid and verified circulation of 2.9 million for the first half of 2006, of which newsstand accounted for 1.93 million, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Men's Health reported average paid and verified circulation over 1.9 million, of which 542,092 came from the newsstand.

Jealous friends?
But is the happy couple forgetting their friends? Cosmo has an automatic guy buddy in Esquire, as they're both published by Hearst Magazines. And Rodale's Women's Health and Men's Health obviously keep seeing each other at the gym.

"They absolutely do like Esquire," Ms. White said quickly of her readers.

"And we absolutely love our Women's Health readers," Mr. Zinczenko chimed in. "We share a great deal of ideas and information."

Ideas and information? Ouch. Watch out for the jilted titles to pursue a drunken revenge hookup.
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