The New York Daily News social media team appeared to go a little rogue after deep staff cuts

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Earlier today when we reported that Tronc's New York Daily News is slashing its editorial staff by half, we noted that the newspaper's Twitter account had retweeted tweets from its opinion page editor offering his thoughts about the importance of the paper's journalism. Since then @NYDailyNews has also retweeted other similarly thoughtful endorsements, including:


This afternoon, though, things got ... weird. @NYDailyNews tweeted a gif of a scene from "Pulp Fiction" at 12:46 p.m. ET:

Credit: NYDN via Twitter

That's a screenshot we took just in case the tweet was deleted—which of course it later was. Ad Age managed to save the gif before it disappeared, so here it is, FYI:

Credit: NYDN via Twitter

And then this was tweeted at 1:54 p.m ET—then deleted about 20 minutes later:

Credit: NYDN via Twitter

Ad Age also managed to save that gif before it was deleted:

Credit: NYDN via Twitter

What's going on here? Commenters on the "Pulp Fiction" tweet think it's pretty obvious:

Stay tuned!

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