In Davos, Trump Basically Tries to Directly Dismiss Time's New Cover Story

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Time magazine's latest cover—the animated version (click on the play button) created for social media is shown above—depicts an entirely isolated United States, under President Trump's leadership, along with the headline "America Alone." (See Carl Vick's cover essay, titled "Donald Trump Is Turning Davos Into a Globalist Throwdown" for the web, here.)

Today in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum, President Trump gave a speech and, well, here's a Financial Times headline to sum it up: "Trump to world leaders at Davos: 'America First not America alone'." (A stand-out sentence in the FT report, by Katie Martin and Adam Samson: "In a sign of the heightened tension, the normally polite audience at the World Economic Forum hissed when the president's tax plan was mentioned as he was being introduced on Friday.")

Was Trump (and/or his speechwriters) intentionally referencing Time's cover? (The issue goes on sale today but the cover and cover essay were released online yesterday morning.)

Before you decide, maybe read this: "Donald Trump's Obsession With Time Magazine Makes Almost Too Much Sense," by The Atlantic's Adrienne LaFrance, from last November.

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