Little Debbie, the Snack-Cake Girl, Just Gave Great Relationship Advice and Twitter Is Kind of Freaking Out

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Little Debbie, oracle.
Little Debbie, oracle. Credit: McKee Foods

Usually I give very little and very infrequent thought to Little Debbie, the McKee Foods snack brand. For instance, every few months when the check-out line is too long at my neighborhood Rite Aid and I find myself standing and waiting directly in front of the Little Debbie snack cake display, I think, Why are those things so cheap? (I also think: If I buy a box, will I mindlessly eat half of it while watching Colbert tonight? And then, just to be safe, I don't buy any.)

But for some reason, Little Debbie took to Twitter on President's Day to belatedly address another holiday—and now she's got thousands of people (the tweet has been liked more than 18,000 times as of this writing) thinking hard about ... love and life and relationships.

This is confusing for a number of reasons. Little Debbie has an adorably, Norman Rockwellian pre-internet face and yet she tweets? Also, Little Debbie is, what, 9 years old and already she's this wise?

It's all a bit too much to process. And judging by many of the responses to Little Debbie's tweet, the Twittersphere seems to agree:

Anyway, I'll close with this:

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