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December's Most-Remembered New TV Commercials

Sex Sells, but So Do Productivity Software and PCs, Apparently

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It's perhaps not surprising that a Victoria's Secret commercial full of models wearing lingerie was the best-remembered new ad of last month, according to Nielsen. Microsoft's close second-place showing in Nielsen's monthly research may be a little more noteworthy, especially when the products -- productivity software and Windows PCs -- have only a little more inherent allure than a paperweight.

Nielsen Top 10 Most Remembered New Ads, December 2011
Brand Ad Description Recall Index
1 Victoria's Secret Christmas Gift -- Different models in lingerie say "Tell me you love me" (:15) 194
2 Microsoft Office & Windows 7 -- A father tries to help his son with math equations, and the son improves his father's presentation (:30) 185
3 Dannon Activia -- Jamie Lee Curtis tells a woman she can have smooth digestion, even after the holidays (:30) 167
4 Best Buy Price Match Guarantee -- Santa's got competition when a woman outgifts Santa's cologne with an LED TV (:30) 164
5 Subway $5 Footlongs -- December's featured footlong is a Western Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich (:15) 163
6 Best Buy Woman picks up a laptop in store and meets Santa on the roof with her gift (:30) 161
7 Cuties Citrus Cooperative Little boy enjoys eating a mandarin and unintentially squirts juice toward a little girl wearing butterfly wings (:15) 158
8 Victoria's Secret Shots of women modeling bras and underwear in a bedroom, on a bed of roses and outdoors (:15) 152
9 Sears After Christmas Event -- Man says "It's not over, till it's over" and promotions follow (:15) 151
10 Samsung Galaxy S II -- People wait outside anticipating cellphone release but woman on street already has a 4G phone (:30) 150

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