Here's Why We Are (and Sort of Aren't) Psyched for 'True Detective 2'

HBO Teaser Offers Up Lots of Meaty Clues

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HBO just dropped a teaser for Season 2 of "True Detective," and while the clip provides only a 60-second glimpse at the follow-up to Nic Pizzolatto's nihilistic masterpiece, there's still plenty of clues to obsess over as we await the June 21 premiere. Here's a quick roundup of the five most (and least) promising TD2 nuggets:


1) Colin Farrell's mustache looks positively sentient, and while it's not as gloriously bushy as the one sported by a certain 19th century German philosopher, it's also hard not to see the 'stache as a nod to Pizzolatto's existential hero. (There's a reason why the show's detractors refer to it as "Nietzsche for Dummies®.") When paired with that bolo tie and brass knuckles, Farrell's compromised cop is one dandy badass.

2) Critics who slammed Pizzolatto for TD1's one-dimensional women characters have their response in the steely-eyed resolve of Rachel McAdams. As a take-zero-in-the-way-of-guff Sheriff Ani Bezzerides, McAdams looks poised to kick in the boys' club door.

3) Sunny, scummy L.A. puts us in a "Chinatown" mood. That spaghetti tangled freeway and Vince Vaughn's science fair presentation ("California Choo Choo Chooses You!") suggest that TD2's investigation into the "secret occult history of the United States transportation system" owes much to Robert Towne's celebrated neo-noir, minus all the stuff about water rights.

4) Mr. Vaughn looks like a villain in a Dashiell Hammett novel adapted to the screen by National Lampoon. And yes, this is a good thing.

5) The guy wearing the ski mask in broad daylight, gesturing for us all to "shush" is your new spirit animal.


1) On further review, Farrell's mustache simply makes him look like the Pringle's guy.

2) No Lone Star beer can men. Remember, you're not drinking alone if there are a bunch of tiny aluminum friends watching your every move.

3) Not to take anything away from singer-songwriter Lera Lynn, who croons the teaser's haunting (and as-yet untitiled) theme song, but Handsome Family's "Far From Any Road" and its poison creosote was so apposite to the bleak themes of TD1 that we'd literally start feeling bad for the universe and everything in it at sound of that first A-minor strum.

4) Not enough dorm room metaphysics. Time is a flat circle, people.

5) We learned to spell "McConaughey" without having to Google it, and it was all thanks to TD1. Nothing as transformative can possibly happen this time around.

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