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Ellen and CoverGirl Lead the Most-Noted Celebrity Ads

Which Star-Driven Magazine Work Got the Most Attention?

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Marketers increasingly leverage our celebrity-driven culture to sell products; brands hope that if consumers relate to the celebrity appearing in their ad, they will be more likely to pay attention to the ad itself and, ultimately, to buy the product. But who among today's crop of hundreds of celebrity spokespeople have the greatest "stopping power"?

Top 10 Celebrity Endorsement Ads
Starch Advertising Research looked at 2,725 full-page (or larger) ads featuring celebrities in magazines from October 2008 -- when Starch first collected this data -- through the first quarter of 2010. What follows are the celebrity ads with the highest "noted" score in 10 major advertising categories.

Ellen DeGeneres, Sean Connery and Rihanna made the cut. Tiger Woods, even in the year before Le Scandale, did not.

Many variables impact an ad's success in grabbing readers' attention, of course, including consumer interest in the product being advertised, the overall creative approach of the ad, the magazine in which it appears, and the size and position of the ad. Still, the celebrity ads featured here did the best job of winning reader attention when compared to all celebrity ads.

And achieving their high scores was an accomplishment: to put these top-scorers into perspective, only a small fraction of the 2,725 celebrity ads we investigated received a score above 80%. "Noted" scores ranged from a high of 91% to a low of 14%.

Seven of these top 10 ads were spreads or larger, and many of these winning celebrity ads feature famous females selling beauty -- clearly a sweet spot for celebrity advertising.

Michal Galin is SVP at GfK MRI's Starch Advertising Research, which specializes in measuring print ad effectiveness. Click here for more information on Starch.
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