It's The End of An Era For The Former TV Guide Network

TVGN Will Be Renamed Pop, Celebrating 'Fandom'

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It's the end of an era for the TV Guide brand as a TV channel. What is currently known as TVGN, formerly TV Guide Network, will change its name next year to Pop.

The rebranded channel will celebrate "fandom," said Brad Schwartz, president, entertainment and media at Pop. Mr. Schwartz points to the growth in subcultures of fans for TV shows and bands, such as "Scandal" fans calling themselves "Gladiators." The network will take a fun, enthusiastic and celebratory approach to fandom, and won't be mean-spirited or snarky, he said.

Mr. Schwartz said the name Pop was selected to symbolize something that stands out and what everyone is talking about. "The idea of holding on to the TV Guide name didn't make sense since we can't own the name across platforms," Mr. Schwartz said. TVGN is a separate entity from TV Guide magazine.

The rebrand will come in the first quarter of 2015 for TVGN, which was jointly acquired by CBS and Lionsgate in March 2013.

The premise for TV Guide Network (formerly TV Guide Channel) started in the 1980s, but the channel didn't get its name until 1999. The majority of the network was devoted to a scrolling programming guide, but the network began acquiring repeats and aired programming around awards shows, as well as entertainment news shows. But the listings remained in some capacity.

Now TVGN is in 80 million homes and all remnants of its roots as a programming guide are gone. In recent years, the network has been growing its portfolio of original programming that fall into the pop-culture category with shows like "Hollywood 411," "Celebrity Says" and "Reality Chat."

Pop will target what Mr. Schwartz calls a "modern adult," with the sweet spot adults between 35-and-40- years-old. The "modern adult" is getting married and having kids later in life and are more affluent, he said, noting it's an attractive demographic for advertisers.

The network will announce new series that reflect the name change in the coming weeks. Mr. Schwartz said shows like "Pop Sugar Now," a half-hour entertainment news series, and "The Story Behind," which gives the back story to big TV shows, will continue to air on the rebranded channel.

Previously announced new series include, "Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block," which follows a cruise filled with NKOTB fans and the stars of the ,80s pop band.

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