Fortnite explained in 79 seconds

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Credit: Epic Games

The megahit video game Fortnite is celebrating its first birthday—which is why you've probably been seeing #Fortnite1st in your social media feed today.

But wait—are you sort of out of the loop on Fortnite? Well, to come up to speed, you could read "Fortnite phenomenon turns a game developer into a billionaire" from Bloomberg News, which helpfully sums up the game thusly:

Fortnite is a global phenomenon, played obsessively by children, rappers, professional athletes and middle-age accountants. It's a cartoonish, last-character-standing, fight-to-the-death battle royale where players thrash one another in a struggle for weapons, resources and survival on a shrinking, storm-ravaged island. ... While most games hit peak popularity shortly after launch, Fortnite was still drawing millions of new users six months on, thanks to a broadly appealing aesthetic that's more comic mischief than graphic violence. Celebrity fans such as rapper Drake and the Los Angeles Lakers' Josh Hart have pushed it further into mainstream consciousness.

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Or you could just watch a 79-second gameplay trailer, released by Epic Games last September (to promote the "Battle Royale" update) on the official Fortnite channel on YouTube. You'll pretty much "get" Fortnite after watching this:

The bottom line, as seen in the trailer: "LAST ONE STANDING WINS."

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