'Oh, for Fox sake!': Daily News nails the collective response to the Hannity revelation

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The Daily News front page for April 17, 2018.
The Daily News front page for April 17, 2018. Credit: New York Daily News

Monday's bombshell news about Sean Hannity—see "Fox News' Hannity shares an embattled lawyer with the president he defends on TV"—gets pitch-perfect tabloid treatment on the front page of this morning's Daily News.

"OH, FOR FOX SAKE!" the New York paper's headline screams, roughly approximating the collective response to the courtroom revelation.

Inside the paper, the cover story, with the milder headline "Fox News host Sean Hannity revealed as Michael Cohen's mystery third client," notes that all eyes are now on Hannity's employer. Was Fox News aware of the secret that Hannity and his lawyer desperately wanted to keep under wraps?

Fox News would not comment on Hannity's ties to Cohen, or his failure to disclose their relationship to his millions of viewers. Steven Vladeck, a law professor at the University of Texas, tweeted at Hannity that he "had a massive conflict of interest in bashing the Cohen searches and trying to discredit the warrants that gave rise to them."

In a filing before Monday's hearing, Cohen disclosed he's given legal advice to three clients in 2017 and this year: Trump, Elliott Broidy and the third party who didn't want to be identified—Hannity. Cohen's lawyers resisted revealing Hannity's name, saying it would be embarrassing and unnecessary. They also said he'd asked for privacy and unsuccessfully requested that they be able to appeal any demand to divulge his name.

It's worth noting that Daily News rival the New York Post, a corporate cousin of Fox News in Rupert Murdoch's sprawling media empire, did not call attention to the Hannity scandal on its front page this morning. It chose instead to cover Monday's courtroom drama from the Stormy Daniels angle.

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