Freeloader Finds 'The Lost Room'

At Sci Fi's First Bash in Five Years

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The Event: Sci Fi's premiere party for miniseries "The Lost Room"
The Date: Dec. 7, 2006
The Venue: The Stone Rose (Time Warner Center)
The Drinks: A full lineup, but the night's must-have was the "Lost-mopolitan," which was a regular ol' cosmo with grape juice instead of cranberry.
The Swag: A hotel-room-key invitation, a DVD copy of the miniseries' first night and a special sterling silver Sci Fi Channel bottle opener in its own velvet box
The Crowd: A bunch of Sci Fi and ad-sales types, with a surprising turnout of the miniseries' biggest cast members: Julianna Margulies, Peter Krause, Kevin Pollak and Roger Bart
The hotel room key got you into Sci Fi's party for its miniseries 'The Lost Room.'
The hotel room key got you into Sci Fi's party for its miniseries 'The Lost Room.' Credit: Greg Palmer

The holiday party season officially got rolling in New York this week, so naturally Freeloader was still recovering from the previous night's bash by the time we presented Sci Fi with our room key to its impeccably designed shindig. Though we kept the drinking to a minimum (had to squeeze in a few sips of the purply "Lost-mopolitan," of course), the schmoozing was better than at your average office party.

In one corner was Kevin Pollak, dressing down for an endearingly frazzled look -- not Michael Richards-crazy -- and chatting up network execs with beer in hand. Just nearby, "Six Feet Under" alum Peter Krause kept himself well occupied with hangers-on, looking much more dashing in person than his TV counterpart. Closer to the bar, "Desperate Housewives"' evil pharmacist Roger Bart posed for many a picture, but the main attraction lingered on the back couches.

Noticeably chilly in a backless top she had premiered at a "Conan O'Brien" taping earlier in the night, Julianna Margulies struck a stunning profile even when captured by the glow of TV screens and Absolut bottles. Freeloader chatted up the woman formerly known as Nurse Hathaway long enough to get some dish on how "The Lost Room" stacked up against her other big project this year, the ill-fated "Snakes on a Plane." For the record, "The Lost Room" was the better shoot from an acting standpoint -- "I was much more vested in the character," she told us -- but Samuel L. Jackson and a ridiculous premise hardly made for a dull day on the set of "Snakes."

Meanwhile, the wait staff kept folks happy with a free-flowing supply of crab cakes and California rolls, which guests had to carefully consume out of the range of the camera lens. Freeloader worries there may be a picture circulating somewhere of our helpless love for the cheese tray.

All in all, the NBC Universal cable network made a successful comeback on the party circuit -- one employee estimated it hadn't thrown an event in five years (for the Steven Spielberg miniseries "Taken," the employee reckoned). But with a 2007 original-programming slate larger than any other cable network's, it shouldn't be long before Freeloader's gettin' tipsy with the cyborgs and cybabes from "Battlestar Galactica" in Rockefeller Center.
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