Freeloader Hangs With Multiple Personality Tori Amos

Sirius Simulcasts 'American Doll Posse' Live From Times Square

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The Event: Sirius Satellite Radio and Epic Records' Simulcast of Tori Amos in Times Square
The Date: May 1, 2007
The Venue: Spotlight Live, New York
The Food: Comfort food with an occasional gourmet twist -- mini burgers and mini-hot dogs with Dijon mustard and shoestring fries, tuna tartare on Ritz-like crackers and bite-size crab cakes. For dessert, homemade chocolate chip cookies, Rice Krispie Treats and cotton candy.
'American Doll Posse'
'American Doll Posse'

The Drinks: Since the party was in honor of Tori Amos' new album, "American Doll Posse," five specialty drinks were on offer for each of the characters she portrays on the concept album. There was the Tori Classic (our fave -- champagne with passion fruit and simple syrup); the Pip Apple Pucker (vodka and green apple Schnapps with nothing to dilute the booze); the Isabel Cic Smulger (we have no idea what that means, but it apparently contained vodka, sage, lemon, elderberry and "pomme"); the Santa (a dirty martini with olives); The Clyde (vodka, coffee liqueur and light cream); and, from the folks at Tori's label Epic Records, a Go Panthers (a shot of Christiana vodka and blackberry puree). As if that weren't enough, there were also cans of Sofia Coppola's sparkling wine, appropriately named Sofia. The drink, like the director's latest movie, "Marie Antoinette," was a bit flat.

If you make the rounds of the New York corporate party circuit long enough, you will eventually see some of your favorite musicians look very, very bored. This Freeloader alone has seen everyone from Elton John to Tony Bennett to Rufus Wainwright barely muster the effort to please the crowd. Now we can add the ever-eccentric Tori Amos to that list, following her 20-minute Sirius live-simulcast performance for her new album, "American Doll Posse."

The piano balladeer stepped on stage wearing a red wig resembling her natural crimson locks, only it was intended for her to be in character as one of the five women she plays on her new album. If that seems a little strange, consider this is the same musician who nursed a pig in the booklet for one of her albums in the mid-'90s as well as referred to the cover songs on her "Strange Little Girls" CD as if they were actual women.

The mix of kooky and glam worked wonders for the 20-minute set, during which she played highlights from "American Doll Posse" (although not the first single, "Big Wheel"), occasionally on two pianos.

Freeloader took it all in with a balcony view and a mouthful of cotton candy. This was also after we had downed two of the Tori-inspired specialty drinks, a mini-burger, a slightly fancy cocktail weenie and two chocolate chip cookies. So if we end up with a cavity after our latest nightlife adventure, know that we took one for the Freeloading team.
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