Freeloader, and Everybody Else, Hits the Waldorf-Astoria

For Ad Council's 53rd Annual Public Service Award Dinner

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The Event: Ad Council's 53rd Annual Public Service Award Dinner
The Date: Nov. 15, 2006
The Venue: The Waldorf-Astoria
The Bar: Several, all behind a wall of well-dressed humans about 10 people deep
The Food: Blah, blah and more blah
The Swag: Does a "Made in China" pen count?
The Crowd: The upper echelons of advertising management and one grumpy freeloader
All aboard for the Waldorf Astoria.
All aboard for the Waldorf Astoria. Credit: Hoag Levins

It's been a rough week for the Freeloader and there are still two more nights before we can spend our free time on ourselves. Feeling a little short on the niceties and seeing as everybody, but everybody, has been to the yearly Ad Council dinner, you don't need us to tell you about it. Instead, Freeloader decided to take a page from David Letterman. Here's the Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Annual Ad Council Public Service Award Dinner:

  1. Cocktail peanuts in a silver chafing dish -- yum!
  2. The pre-dinner party is so well-attended you get to see everybody sweat in expensive clothing.
  3. Getting dressed up in a tux or gown to get herded like cattle from cocktails to dinner. Mooooove it.
  4. Nothing like getting up close and personal with your server, happy to hit you for $100 a plate.
  5. Where else can you see emcee Anderson Cooper ... on a big screen?
  6. You finally get to hear the applause you always thought your work deserved.
  7. Getting to wonder why, if agencies can do such good work for free, are car ads such crap?
  8. Musical chairs during dinner can help predict next year's job moves.
  9. Last year's honoree, Kenneth I. Chenault, chairman-CEO of the American Express Co., said things like: "I always wanted to know what it was like to be in a pageant and now I have to pass on the crown ..." to equally beautiful William C. Weldon, chairman-CEO of Johnson & Johnson.
  10. Sneaking out before the rest of the crowd to grab a proper drink with the people you really wanted to talk to all night.
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