Freeloader Joins the 'Sex and the City' Gang

Candace Bushnell's Sirius Radio Cocktail Party

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The Event: Sirius Satellite Radio's cocktail party for "Candace Bushnell: Sex, Success & Sensibility"
The Date: Nov. 16, 2006
The Venue: Sirius Satellite Radio studios (1221 Avenue of the Americas)
The Bar: Shockingly cosmo-free but with a seemingly endless supply of holiday cocktails spiked with champagne.
The Food: Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, salmon tartare and other fancy cracker-based hors d'oeuvres and an unidentifiable green-black substance as delicious in taste as it was gross in appearance.
The Swag: Sadly none.
The Crowd: Candace Bushnell, "Beauty Junkie" and self-proclaimed cosmetic surgery-aholic Alex Kuzcynski, former MTV VJ Karen "Duff" Duffy and a bunch of radio types dressed in varying amounts of clothing.
Cosmo-less Candace Bushnell and Alex Kuczynski
Cosmo-less Candace Bushnell and Alex Kuczynski

What better way for Freeloader to cap off a busy week than champagne with Candace Bushnell? We happily raised a toast (and another, and one more for the road) to the "Sex and the City" author, who was looking ravishing in a sparkling flower-print gown and natural makeup that belied her age (Freeloader would never be so crass as to list it here, but IMDB has no problem).

The original Carrie Bradshaw seemed right at home hosting her own radio show, dishing on -- what else? -- sex and men with her special guest, Gawker punching-bag Alex Kuzcynski. The two share a penchant for writing about fashion-obsessed New York women who they insist are completely distant from themselves (did we mention both have new books out?) and are old pals from their days on the New York Observer together. Although as Candace later told Freeloader, the show is her only way to catch up with Alex K. lately. She's got a husband 10 years her junior to keep her occupied, after all.

Freeloader may have failed to score any swag -- or dish on the on-again "Sex & The City" movie ("I know as much as you do right now") -- but boy did we love shooting the breeze with Candace just the same. We secretly hope she has an excuse to throw some more cocktail parties sometime soon -- even if they do turn out to by BYOC: Bring Your Own Cosmo.
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