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Rock Steady Crew's 30 Anniversary Meet & Greet

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The Event: Rock Steady Crew's 30 Anniversary Meet & Greet
The Date: July 23, 2007
The Venue: The Adidas Originals Store, New York
The Crowd: Rock Steady Crew, break-dance crews from all over the globe, sneaker collectors and the press
The Bar: 1800 Tequila and Red Bull all night.

New York can claim itself as hip hop's birthplace -– OK, fine, it's the Bronx, but close enough -- so what better place for the Bronx's very own Rock Steady Crew to host their 30th Anniversary Meet & Greet party than at the Adidas Originals Store on Wooster Street?

Stepping into the Adidas store was like stepping into the past. The DJ was spinning old tracks, like Mary J. Blige's "Real Love" and a funk version of "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" by Gladys Knight & The Pips, which didn't stop anyone from bopping their heads or shuffling to the beat. The event was part of a weeklong celebration of the break-dance group Rock Steady Crew. Although this was a milestone celebration, the dress code was simple -– anything from jeans and T-shirts to the signature Adidas nylon tracksuits from back in the day. But no one's outfit was complete without a pair of sneakers, preferably Adidas.

B-boys and B-girls (short for boy and girl breakdancers) from all over the world, including the Netherlands, Japan and New Zealand, made sure they didn't miss the chance to attend. After reconnecting with old friends or meeting news ones, the breakdancers and poppers and lockers (two other types of funk and street dancers) converged in the center of the store where a small space was opened for freestyle dancing. Waitresses in fitted black and red outfits served a number of 1800 Tequila concoctions including a Mexican Lemonade, 1800 Silver Cosmonito and the classic margarita. Although the night commemorated break dancing, no one could ignore the new fall Adidas line, which many perused and even purchased some of the selections by the end of the evening.

With the Tequila free flowing and the beats bouncing throughout the venue, everyone knew it was time to show what they've got. One by one, dancers took to the middle of the mini-dance floor and busted their best moves. From butterfly kicks, one-handed handstands and spinning on one's head, no one was holding back. Some of the stunts were so wild that the crowd often had to jump back in order not to be kicked in the head.

Danger aside, the event was a great success, not only for the store but for the guests of honor, the Rock Steady Crew, which has been hosting the event since 1991. "It's not only the 30th year of the Rock Steady Crew. It's also my 30th personal year dancing," said Rock Steady's Richard "Crazy Legs" Colon. "The number 30 meant more to me this year."

He also added that an event like this shows that hip hop is still alive. "It's the lighter side of hip hop," Crazy Legs said. "It's like going back home to mom's home cooking. This is the home cooking of hip hop."
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