Freeloader Says Fangs for the Memories

At Radar's 'Vampires and Victims' Party

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The Event: Radar R.I.P. Vampires and Victims Party
The Date: Oct. 30, 2008
The Venue: Citrine, New York

Credit: Anna Baskin

The Crowd: Cowboys, kitty cats, zombies, demons and other creatures of the night; Radar staffers mourning their loss
VIP Guests: Oct./Nov. Radar cover girl Shannen Doherty, DJ Jedi, Radar founder Maer Roshan and Citrine owners David Rodolitz and Adam Elzer
The Food: None. Vampires only feast on liquids, but of course.
The Drinks: With Southern Comfort as a sponsor, guests sipped SoCo-based drinks such as "Southern Scream," "Sinful Citrine" and "Comfortable Terror" (Freeloader's favorite, a cranberry-orange SoCo blend that didn't taste too strongly of the liquor and therefore avoided bringing back not-so-comfortable college Freeloading experiences).
The Swag: Only the copies of Radar scattered around the bar, but those could soon be a collector's item.

Days before Radar announced it was shuttering, the magazine sent out invites for its "Vampires and Victims" Halloween party. Once it found out that it was going to be a victim itself (with its lifeblood sucked out by American Media Inc.), the publication decided to keep the celebration on but turn it into a sort of funeral. Sad as the reason for gathering may have been, Halloween has been Freeloader's favorite holiday since the good old days of trick-or-treating (from freeloading candy to snagging free booze, my how we've grown up), so we couldn't miss the party. Not to mention, Freeloader's favorite TV villain, Shannen Doherty, was hosting.

Upon Freeloader's arrival, Ms. Brenda Walsh was nowhere to be found, but there were plenty of other wicked creatures to do the monster mash with. Given the party's theme, there was a surprising lack of vampires or victims. In fact, it seemed as though most people did not have real costumes, but had just purchased random wigs from the Ricky's down the street, hoping to "make it work."

New Chelsea hotspot Citrine was certainly dressed for the occasion, though, with severed limbs lining the walls, a SoCo demon ice sculpture at the bar (and barely dressed bartenders, save for a few Halloween-y flourishes, behind the bar). A skeleton hanging from the DJ booth and Red Cross flags hanging everywhere marked the victims' unit.

Credit: Anna Baskin

As funerals go, this one was pretty festive. If attendees were upset about the loss of Radar, they weren't showing it -- or perhaps the SoCo really was keeping its comforting promise. As the midnight hour drew closer, everyone got out their Mischief Night energy on the dance floor. And just like Chazz Reinhold (Will Ferrell) hypothesized in "Wedding Crashers," the funeral seemed to be a perfect place to find love, with many mourners locking eyes and wandering off into the night together.

With another print magazine biting the dust, the scariest part of this Halloween bash was the industry's future. But as Radar's invite read: "If history is any indicator, don't be surprised if this isn't the last you hear of Radar. It has been known to have been resurrected before."

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