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Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Friday, June 2:

In a major victory for the White House, people have momentarily stopped saying "Trump" and "Russia" in the same sentence, instead substituting a certain French city for the Eurasian country. In a rare occurence, your media scan today is about a single topic (President Trump's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement), its aftermath and the media storm surrounding it. (In this parenthetical, though, a provocative headline from Newsweek just in case you still crave some Russia-related news: "Putin Vows Military Response to 'Eliminate NATO Threat' If Sweden Joins U.S.-Led Alliance.") Anyway, let's get started ...

1. Here's today's front page of Paris-based newspaper Libération (with a subhead that translates to "Despite the warnings, Donald Trump has decided to release the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement"):

Libération front page
Libération front page Credit: Libération via Twitter

2. Back in the United States ...

And ICYMI, a screengrab of yesterday's homepage of the Weather Channel's website:

3. Meanwhile, in Silicon Valley ... "Apple, Facebook and Google are among the many tech giants angry with Trump's decision to leave the Paris agreement," per Recode.

4. Elsewhere in corporate America... "Paris Agreement withdrawal: Disney CEO Bob Iger joins Elon Musk in quitting Donald Trump's advisory council" (subhead: "Mr Iger wrote on Twitter that 'as a matter of principle, I've resigned from the President's Council over the #ParisAgreement withdrawal'"), per The Independent of Britain.

5. Because of course: "Massachusetts Institute of Technology officials said U.S. President Donald Trump badly misunderstood their research when he cited it on Thursday to justify withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement," per Reuters.

6. Also because of course: "Trump apparently felt nudged to scrap the Paris accord by the French president's aggressive handshake," per The Week's Peter Weber's close reading of a Washington Post report ("Inside Trump's climate decision: After fiery debate, he 'stayed where he's always been'").

7. And finally, some gallows humor:

Thank you to Brian Braiker, Ann-Christine Diaz, Tam Nguyen, Jeanine Poggi, EJ Schultz, George Slefo and Chen Wu for their roundup suggestions.

Simon Dumenco, aka Media Guy, is an Ad Age editor-at-large. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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