Your Guide to the Future of TV

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Credit: Viktor Koen
TV networks are making strides to digitize TV, but there are plenty of hurdles to overcome.
Credit: Viktor Koen
With key audiences down for the fourth year in a row, networks scramble to plug holes in sinking ship.
Credit: Buzzfeed
As TV becomes more on-demand, the social network wants to do video live.
Credit: iStock
Viewing is fragmented and will continue to splinter, but TV is not declining as a marketing vehicle, says GroupM Chairman Irwin Gotleib.
Credit: Kelsey Dake
A little loyalty should go a long way. Too bad it doesn't.
NewFront presenters will need to show off more than just high-quality original series to catch marketers attention.
Credit: Evian
Among the many riddles neuroscience can solve: Why you may not remember what brand this ad is for.
Credit: Samsung
Major brands like LG and Samsung are moving to high-end design as consumers begin to purchase larger and larger screens.
Credit: Courtesy Target
Target's back-to-college lineup includes twin sheets with media pockets to let students store iPads or phones after watching video in bed.
Credit: iQiyi
It's another way Korean pop culture is reaching across the globe.

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