GoDaddy Back in for Super Bowl XLIII

This Time, CEO Promises to Play Nice With Censors

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NEW YORK ( -- In what is likely to be one of the more unsurprising ad maneuvers in the coming Super Bowl, web-domain-name registrar GoDaddy has confirmed it will return to the game for a fifth time. The twist: The man behind the company's often risque commercials said he doesn't think its ads will trip network censors this go-round.

Race-car driver Danica Patrick starred in GoDaddy's Super Bowl spot this year and will again in 2009.
Race-car driver Danica Patrick starred in GoDaddy's Super Bowl spot this year and will again in 2009.
GoDaddy CEO and founder Bob Parsons said that while the company's ads long have been known for being "edgy, fun and slightly inappropriate" and will continue to be so, he doesn't expect to get into the usual back-and-forth with network standards and practices, as he has in the past.

"My dad always told me, 'Try to get it right at least by the fifth time you do it,'" joked Mr. Parsons, who in past years has maintained a blog detailing his efforts to devise an outre ad that a network would allow to air during the Super Bowl. "We believe that whatever happens this year, we'll just deal with it, and it will work out one way or another. I expect it won't bring any big to-do or any big issues this year."

Different twist
If that's the case, it would mark a slightly different twist in what has become the company's typical Super Bowl saga. GoDaddy first gained recognition in 2005 by running a Super Bowl ad that featured a mock Capitol Hill hearing and a woman -- now known as the GoDaddy Girl -- falling out of her top. Earlier this year, after butting heads with Fox, the broadcaster of Super Bowl XLII, the company ran an ad suggesting viewers go to the internet to see what GoDaddy really wanted to put on the air.

Super Bowl XLIII will air Feb. 1 on NBC. Mr. Parsons said GoDaddy has purchased one ad in the game. He expects it to run "definitely in the first half, maybe in the first quarter," he said, but the company is "still working to nail that down." GoDaddy could be up for buying a second spot as well, Mr. Parsons said. "If something else materialized, maybe we'd be interested."

In any case, the company will produce two spots, both featuring race-car driver Danica Patrick, Mr. Parsons said. No doubt the commercials will raise eyebrows, he said: "They are both very GoDaddy-esque."

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