Well played! HGTV just snagged 'The Brady Bunch' house

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One former boy bander's "#CrushedDream" is maybe our collective gain?

Two days ago, Lance Bass of NSYNC fame tweeted that "The Brady Bunch" house, which was put on the market last month for the first time in nearly half a century (see the Zillow listing here), had been snatched out from under him. This even though he says he and his husband were told they had the "winning bid" on the North Hollywood, California, property. But as Bass detailed in his tweet (depending on your browser, you may need to click on the embedded image to read it in full), they were then told that a "Corporate Buyer (Hollywood studio)" wanted the house "at any cost" and they weren't going to be the winning bidders after all.

Now we know who the "Corporate Buyer" is—and it's not a "Hollywood studio," but close.

It's HGTV, which naturally took to Twitter today to do a sort of victory lap in the form a short promo clip:

Deadline has details about Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav talking up the purchase (Discovery owns HGTV) in this morning's second-quarter earnings call.

And here I turn to Bradley Johnson, Ad Age's resident Debbie Downer, who noted on our internal Slack that "This is a house that was used for the exterior shot. The inside wasn't used on the show; the inside was a set on the Paramount lot."

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