Hillary Clinton Reveals Another Thing Fox News Thinks Is Her Fault

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Hillary Clinton popped up as a surprise participant in the recurring "Jokes Seth Can't Tell" segment on last night's "Late Night With Seth Meyers." (She was also formally interviewed in another segment on the show; see below.) For most of the segment, which is based on the premise that "There are some jokes that just sound wrong coming from Seth," it was just Meyers and his staff writers Amber Ruffin (who gets to tell the black jokes) and Jenny Hagel (who tells the lesbian jokes). But at the 2:55 mark, Clinton showed up to demonstrate that she somehow has a sense of humor about the fact that she continues to be a punching bag for conservative media—a certain cable news network in particular.

Meyers set up the joke by reading a news item: "According to a recent report, koalas may be extinct by the year 2040." At which point Clinton said, "And according to Fox News, that's my fault." (Your serve, Fox News. Surely the Clinton Foundation can be linked to the plight of the koala?)

By the way, at the start of Clinton's sit-down with Meyers, he wished her a "Happy Unhappy Anniversary" (she lost the presidential election to Trump a year ago yesterday).

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